Our Story

We are a husband and wife team with a little bit of help from our 17 year old son! 

While searching for products to sell online, we stumbled across these gorgeous, jumbo dinosaur balloons and that is where Anaya Treasures was born.  

After selling them for sometime, we decided since they were so awesome and so popular that we were going to design party packages featuring these jumbo dino beauties.  We started with one set and people loved it.  So much so, that we just kept creating more new and fun party decorations sets from there.

We don't just simply sell what other people are selling.  I take feedback from our customers and create unique packages, sourcing from multiple suppliers to create the perfect flowing set to ensure families will be making beautiful memories.  We are adding new designs and new themes all the time.

I know as a mom, I love the "pinterest" perfect party, but my time is very limited.  Knowing that most moms and dads struggle with the same, I take the time to source the cutest party decorations, so you don't have to.  This allows for parents to focus on what really matters, spending time with your little ones on their special day!

We have a lot of new party decorations on their way and many, many new sets being carefully curated!  

Receiving pictures back from our customers of their party decorations in full swing is about the highest compliment we can get!  To take the time to share such personal experiences and memories, tells us that they are satisfied customers who are really happy with all our creative efforts!  Pictures put a smile on our face every single time!

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